Karmic relationships, soulmates, or twin flames?

Karmic, soulmate, or twin flame? How many times do we ask ourselves this question, clueless but obsessed, desperate to cite every little ‘sync’ and possible evidence that we’ve found the One? Why do we even want the One? Nobody enjoys rejection, and everyone wants that lifetime love — who fits us in every way, a matched pair. Trouble is, nobody actually knows what that is or looks like. 

Articles and videos are flooding the Internet to opine on definition, listing guaranteed signs you’ve hit the jackpot. But I’m here to tell you what you’d rather not hear: you probably haven’t, and you have no idea what it’d look like if you did. So, let’s get real. Let’s talk what’s ACTUALLY going on here, and, barring that, try and make some sense of these three transdimensional relationship types, as they’re the most significant you’ll ever encounter during your Earthly experience.

Hang on, did I just equate karmic relationships with soulmates AND the twin flame? I did. But note that I said ‘relationship types’ — and not THE twin flame, or even The One. I’m not buying into the one-per-customer theory anymore, regarding the twin flame. I think it’s a TYPE of relationship which simply isn’t available to us until we’ve done some serious consciousness-raising. Follow me.

If we’re operating strictly in a 3D capacity, we’re going to hit our biggest blocks to higher dimensions, and we’ll need a partner to help guide us through. Why? Because we get the most work done when the conflict is coming from OUTSIDE of ourselves at the 3D level. These partners have been named lots of things: karma mate, karmic partner, karmic soulmate, and so on. So as to not confuse ourselves, we’re going with the more standard ‘karmic relationship’, and I’ll explain later as to why. It gets complicated, as we ascend into higher dimensions.

What does a karmic relationship DO?

It’s the first taste of Something Way Bigger Than Us. We’re just going along our narrow road, maybe even makin’ that dolla, yo, and all of a sudden — BOOM. WTF just happened? Was that a truck, or was that YOU? We start thinking of stuff like religion, and philosophy, and God, and Buddha, and whether we’re here alone, or with others, and maybe smoking a joint or two and attending a peace rally, and it gets VERY 1960’s VERY quickly. Why? 

Welcome to the Fourth Dimension. Time. Causality. Action, reaction. Movement. CHANGE. 

The karmic relationship allows us to become AWARE of the presence of something greater than us, and THEN define our interactions with it. We can hang onto our 3D base, kicking and screaming, or we can let go and allow the experience to carry us away like Dorothy off to Oz. How easy or difficult we make it depends solely upon the lessons we’re learning and at what stage of development we’re WILLING to ascend. 

Of course, call it fate, ‘bad timing’ or sour luck, but our karmic relationship ends. It always, somehow, damned if we know why or how, ends. And we’re often left with the pieces, crying our heart out, desperate to know why, and fearing we’ve lost the love of our life. 

Ohhhh, no, my dear friend. You’re just beginning the journey. Hang on tight. Because now you’re heading into 4D, and things start looking very different there, Neo.

It’s in 4D that we truly begin to encounter the next level of development, because the karmic relationship is so SMACK! Welcome to Oz, or Wonderland, or Narnia. Yes, Virginia, there IS something outside of ourselves, and miracles CAN happen — even on 34th Street — right here on the physical plane, and THAT is what sends us — either careening, or gently — but swiftly — into 4D.

Our karmic relationships have forced us to encounter the WAY in which we interact with the world at large: it’s faced us with how we THINK, and what we DO. How we BELIEVE, and WHY we believe, think, and act these ways. It challenges our principles, philosophy, and perspectives; it forces us to ask if that’s truly US thinking, believing, and acting these ways — or just social programming, parental modelling, and what we were taught to do in order to conform. 

The karmic relationship gets us to ask the question, ‘is that YOU, or X doing that?’ 

Is that YOUR sexual orientation? Or because you were afraid to come out?

Is that YOUR religion? Or the one your parents gave you?

Is that YOUR politics? Or the one your friends approve of?

This is all essential for the next phase of development … 

Our soulmates.

Here’s where it gets confusing in the abstract, so don’t try and picture is too clearly. If you really dig concrete representation, however, just think of it like this: two beams of light, hanging out side-by-side, illuminating the same, but distant, point. And don’t worry about Oneness right now; that gets far too complicated. We’ll tackle that one later.

The soulmate is ready to challenge us on the level of CAUSALITY, as it’s the realm in which we’re now operating: 4D. Time. We’ve left behind the physical plane, realising we’re greater than that and capable of going beyond what our eyes can see, our hands hold, and our ears hear. We’re in the in-between, examining and exploring polarity and complement, opposite and similarity, that-which-is-us, and that-which-isn’t. We’re in the chrysalis, an amorphous solid, which is no longer caterpillar, but not yet butterfly.

Messengers and inhabitants of 4D, our soulmates are our partners during our BECOMING.

We’ve had our external reality challenged and come up wanting — and even left holding the bag. We fell, hard, and gave everything, and thought we knew what the hell was going on. 

And we’re about to do it ALL over again, but in orders of magnitude. 

Now we must DEFEND our developing ideas. We must say, ‘I AM this,’ even though we’re not even yet sure what that IS! We somehow KNOW that we’ve had a date with destiny, and we’re on our way to the ball, ready to waltz our way into the astral plane. We just have no idea HOW that’s supposed to happen, WHAT we’re going to do to get there, or WHEN it’ll happen. At this point, we just KNOW. 

Soulmate love blows open the Heart chakra; it reminds us that we’re spiritual beings, united in Oneness, here to reunite as a greater force of love and transformation. The celestial chorus underlines their words, and we know we are finally once more in the presence of God, as we see it reflected within their eyes. In time, we will know it’s because the reflection is mirroring our own. We have not yet found God within ourselves — but we will. 

We’re going to spend a lot of time in 4D and with our soulmates — decades. We’ll bounce back into karmic relationships, as a soulmate reawakens yet another lost facet of ourselves, and we inch ever closer to our true authenticity. As we hit another snag, we’ll find another karmic relationship, forcing us to confront that from which we’re running, or have yet to know how to overcome. But they’ll help us — if we let them. 

There’s just one key, to surviving the first two dimensions of known reality. 

We’ve got to let go when it’s time. And, no, we won’t KNOW when it’s time, unless you count that nagging sense that the portly soprano is belting out her swansong. You know the one. It’s your soul whispering, ‘it’s time to move on.’ You’d just rather be deaf to it. And, that’s fine. But the next chess move is not so gentle. 

BAM. Checkmate. Game over, thank you for playing, mind the gap.

See, our karmic relationships are OUTTA here, like a bad batter. They do their thing, and disappear into the ethers. And, we’re NOT supposed to follow them — though, it’s certainly hard not to.

The soulmate … it can feel a lot like a karmic relationship; the push-pull, the give-take; the difference is the HEART connexion. The karmic relationship doesn’t link us at the Heart level. It can open up many other chakras that have been blocked — but the Heart? This is soulmate territory.

But do soulmates stick around forever? Some do.

Many marry their soulmates, and believe them to be their twin flame. And who wouldn’t? The true love experience — mirroring, polarising, complementing, at the Heart connexion, with a sense of divine purpose? 

Oh, but let’s talk about that OTHER twin flame experience, shall we? You know the one. The GRUELLING one — where you’d rather throw in the towel and run screaming to a mountain in Tibet. THAT one. What causes THAT one?

Tell me if anything sounds familiar:

They push us to become our most authentic self — remember? Soon as a karmic relationship has flipped this switch, in comes the soulmate to partner with us on the journey to deal with blocks, psychological dysfunction, deep personal problems, trauma, and, of course, direct-impact karma — the stuff that’s happening NOW.

They’re here to be our companion during the ups and downs on our way to our authentic self, aligned with our purpose, and tackling our biggest issues — worthiness of love, being the top complaint. 

Most don’t even feel ‘good enough’ for their soulmates. We put them on a pedestal, and gaze upward at them longingly, thinking, ‘oh, if only I were THAT amazing.’

Thing is … we ARE that awesome. We ARE that amazing. We just don’t know it yet.

So the soulmate teaches us, both through loving synchronicity, simpatico, and companionship, and polarity, challenge, conflict, and growth-oriented opposition. We flip back and forth, in an effort to become aligned with THEM, because THEY are here to show us what’s lacking WITHIN OURSELVES. 

Yes. That’s a soulmate. Not a twin flame.

And, yes, I didn’t say THE twin flame. You’re noticing that. Good. Don’t worry — we’ll get there.

Okay, so you’re wondering, the $64,000 question … 


Ask yourself this question:

Where AM I?

If you’re still stuck on 3D issues, you’re probably in 4D, but your focus may be shifting back and forth between the physical and causal planes. If you’re in 4D, however, and your attention is shifting to the astral plane, of 5D … the story can be VERY different.

We’re still a bunch of incredible gunk, of cells and potential, inside of a chrysalis. But we only yet have dreams of being the butterfly we will become. We imagine taking to the sky, to fly through the heavens, to realms we cannot even fathom. We cannot touch the distant, brilliant blue, but we know that it’s there; though explained by Rayleigh scattering and scientific mumbo-jumbo, it’s there. Its beauty, potential, and vastness. The experience … of infinity.

This is 5D. 

You don’t get there without attaining some mastery of the secondary planes, especially 4D. Until you understand the nature of time in its relationship to humanity, the physical realm, and can truly translate the language of existence — synchronicity, as defined by Jung, of which Sting sung — you’re not likely to encounter your twin flame. 

I know, I know. You don’t want to hear that. Even Feynman said that those who understood quantum physics didn’t understand quantum physics. And it’s a bit like that; I’m not saying you must crack the temporal code, merely understand its RELATIONSHIP to all existent things, in the causal realm. You must ACKNOWLEDGE the causal realm, and its ROLE in the activity, momentum, and presence of ALL THINGS. The statue, it’s been said, CAN WAVE to us; it’s within the realm of possibility. It’s just so astronomically UNLIKELY to do so, we have deemed it ‘impossible’. 

But the truth is … NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.

And this is the sort of topsy-turvy, timey-wimey, ostensibly nonsensical paradigm in which you’ll find yourself when you encounter your twin flame. Not walking out of the grocery store and SMACK! Suddenly, ‘everything is different now’.

No. If you’ve NEVER experienced ANY of the above, the chances are great that it’s a karmic relationship here to guide you out of 3D, and will give the taste of heaven or hell — the former or the latter dominating, depending upon you.

Now if you’ve already been tripping the light fantastic, but stumbling during the first verse and pre-chorus — this is likely to be a soulmate. You’re navigating 4D, and preparing for your foray into 5D. 

So, let’s talk about that. Go ahead and skip on into what you’ve deemed is the good stuff. Oh, and it is! Let’s go on and assume that you’ve actually met your twin flame.

Ready? Great!

Now. Remember all that crazy stuff we were just theorising? Time is nonlinear, dimensions shift, telepathy is real, we can travel in time and space through Theta state and all that rot? Okay. That’s got to be Tuesday if you’re a 5D dweller. You’ve got to have ZERO DOUBT, not even a hint of a question as to whether this is ALL nonsense, you’ve lost your mind, and it’s just a fantasy. 

Because the 5D realm has no time for your logic. It’s the quantum realm, deep space, and the fabric of our existence. It’s where synchronicity guides decision-making, and the language is telepathy. It’s the dreams of which our stuff is made. We’re all composed of stardust, recall. While there are all kinds of theories on what’s a twin flame, and the origin of the story, I’ll let you and your search engine of choice cosy upon that one. This is practical stuff — ironic as that may be.

If you’re a babe in the woods here, expect some pretty awesome soulmates to guide you through, coming to catalyse things, and ignite your willingness to dive down the rabbit-hole. Then, Alice, prepare to take up residence in Wonderland. You can’t visit. Not if you’re going for the coveted reunion with your twin flame.

Now, what’s up with that anyhow? Conventional theory states that we have ONE twin flame, and that’s it. I get it. Seems logical. There’s a romanticism to the one-and-done philosophy that guides what are, unfortunately, very toxic principles here on Earth, when applied to human relationships. 

Stuff that’s best left to karmic relationships and soulmates. Twin flames aren’t here for that. And by that, I mean ANYONE with whom you align in 5D is NOT here for THAT. They’re not here to rescue you from boredom, to make your wildest romantic fantasy come true, and to be ‘your perfect partner’. That’s 3D business, and if you’re playing at THIS level, you’re WAY past that.

Instead, the transdimensional relationship that occurs in 5D is a direct reflection of our own soul. For those who like the physical theory, it’s a separate beam of light shining through a prism originating from a single source. Ever see a prism? How many beams is entirely dependent upon how the light is refracting. Some may be married to the notion of orthodox fairy tale romantic love; so they’re likely to have contracted with a single soul-fragment for ultimate alignment when they ascend into 5D. 

Some of us … need a little more, though. We may require one, or two, or more soul-fragments to get the job done. But if you’re paying attention, a contradiction is emerging: 

We’re ONLY going to encounter our soul-fragments in 5D, and we’re ONLY going to be fully aligned with 5D to where we’re experiencing our reality AT this level IF we’ve overcome or gained mastery of 3D and 4D. 

But what if you’re ‘the anomaly’ that’s experienced countless karmic relationships, then partnered with soulmates, evolved to a twin flame union, found another twin flame relationship, more karmic relationships, and even more soulmates?

Well, congratulations. That’s kind of a misnomer, because in my experience, this ISN’T an anomaly — this is THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY INTO ONENESS. This is ascension.

There are no rules. No proscriptions, nor prescriptions. It’s just what it is — whatever it is — and you designed your very own experience of it along with many others, here to populate your individual story. It’s your journey. Once we’ve risen to the 5D-level, we know we’re in control of it, too.

Ohhhh, but we can fall — fast — and for a hard landing. Refusing to let go of connexions and relationships which are becoming obsolete, or being equally stubborn about premature dharmic relationships that are yet to be fully realised. It’s when we rush it that we get ahead of ourselves, and end up in territory we’re unprepared for.

And we fall.

It’s when we’ve fallen that we find we’re back in 3D drudgery, questioning the harmony and Oneness of 5D. It’s when we’re living in 4D once more, that we repopulate our lives with soulmates to re-learn hard lessons, or uncover deeper karma, with whom we’ll even select to have more karmic relationships, to clear the way. 


Because once we’ve truly gone into 5D, we’ve found home; we know where we belong. We’ve found our ultimate partner, or partners, and our destiny. We know what we’re here for. We’ve seen the illusion — behind the curtain, the Matrix for what it is — and we know we exist OUTSIDE of it. We KNOW we are GREATER. And we’ll do everything we can to get there again, and reunite with those whom we recognise as the deepest reflection of ourselves.

There’s just one catch, though. Belief, self-love, and authenticity. It’s a trifecta. It works together as one. We can’t doubt what we know, who we are, or our worthiness or ability to truly be all that we are. This is why so many in the twin flame community give each other support in the form of 5D terms of endearment — reminding one another of our true divinity, and means of embodying that on Earth in the physical realm.

But union with a twin flame doesn’t HAPPEN in the physical realm, per se. And I’m not talking about that ‘oh, but in 5D’ nonsense. 

I’m convinced most who say that have no true concept of either 5D or a twin flame union. 

It’s a TRANSDIMENSIONAL relationship, just like karmic relationships and partnerships with our soulmates. Twin flame union breaks down barriers; it transcends boundaries. It occurs, simultaneously, across all applicable dimensions. It begins in 3D, is recognised in 4D, and transpires in 5D. It’s up to us to keep that going.

The separation isn’t a stage, however; it’s the unfortunate, and all-too-common consequence of having too few karmic relationships, bailing on a soulmate relationship before it had run its course, and buying into SO much twin flame propaganda that the individual is missing the ENTIRE POINT of the relationship.

So, to wrap this up, let’s talk about the bad stuff. The propaganda.

Guess what believing that there’s The One out there, who will match you in every perfect way will do? If you said, ‘kick me back into 3D’, you get a gold star. 

This is a THIRD-DIMENSIONAL CONCEPT developed in the physical plane by individual who simply know NO better. 

Don’t blame them, but for heaven’s sake, don’t feed the hype. It’s toxic, false, and will only guarantee you LOTS of trips on the karmic carousel, care of planet Earth, so if that’s what you’re after — keep on believing in your ‘One True Love’ and disregarding the rest. I promise you, you will manifest EXACTLY that. Just remember free-will is a thing, and they’ve got a say in the matter, too. False Twin Flame relationships are no fun; ask anyone who’s had them. We all deserve merit badges for withstanding THAT rollercoaster ride.

However, if you’re aware of so much nonsense BEING nonsense, and are consistently ready and prepared for WHATEVER relationship you encounter AT THE LEVEL YOU PRESENTLY ARE — 

You just can’t help but ascend. You’ll learn your lessons, appreciating the karmic relationships when they resurface, the soulmates when they appear, and some of the most powerful, timely connexions with the fragments, facets, and aspects of your own soul in 5D. 

In essence, your ‘twin flames’. 
Maybe you’ll have one, maybe there will be several. Maybe, once the dust has settled, one will have proved they’re in it for the long-haul, with unconditional love, the ability to comfortably live transdimensionally, respectful of all stages of the journey and all dimensions travelled. Maybe a few will. Maybe it’s deeper contracts, or even karma that will determine how this will shake out here in a world of dualism, where society is still obsessed with pair-bonding, and human trappings have only furthered that preference through ego drives.

So the next time you ask yourself: 

Karmic relationship, soulmate, or twin flame — think of this.


Because your whole reality has just shifted in ways you never fathomed — signs, synchronicity, telepathy, soul-merging, and crazy supernatural stuff — 

Ask yourself THIS: 

Do you think you’re in LOVE? Or do you just feel like you’ve known them before and you’re ‘more attracted than you’ve ever been in your life’ ?

Without the Heart chakra activation — you’ve had your first KARMIC RELATIONSHIP. And you’re on your way to ascension, leaving the 3D realm behind, moving slowly into 4D.

Now, if you’ve had a false twin flame relationship (see: karmic relationship above), all of the supernatural and paranormal stuff is happening, AND you feel a powerful sense of unconditional love, recognition, and deep caring? Greatest likelihood is that you’ve got a SOULMATE RELATIONSHIP. They will partner with you during your journey through 4D and into 5D, should you continue forth.

If ALL that has happened, you’ve had a slew of experiences, claimed your role as teacher and guide, are aware of your own role in the universe itself, detached from outcomes and trusting in your higher mind and its co-creation with God and the Universe, if you no longer need human relationships, but find that your soul purpose, and your specific mission requires you to partner with others of like-mind and spirit … 

Then you’ve very likely met a soul-fragment, and are embarking upon a TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIP.

These are highly evolved, advanced souls, who are going to be LESS rather than MORE human. They won’t be lost in ego games, or obsessed with material realm issues. If anything, they’ll feel more alien than anything, and may be on the fringes of society — teaching, or just escaping the flow of modern life.

This is where we find the bodhisattva. The yogi. The shaman.

Funny thing is, if soul-fragments reuniting for a twin flame relationship have amassed karma BETWEEN them, it’s going to take on the flavour of MANY things. But it’s never going to become SO lost in ego that it devolves into toxicity. A twin flame relationship is simply above these experiences dominating the connexion; the soul is too aligned with itself, and anchored in 5D to be derailed by so common or prosaic concerns as human jealousy, possessiveness, romantic obsession, or sexual addiction. 

They’re here for their mission. That’s it. 

No, I’m serious. That’s it. Oh, sure, there’s sexual attraction and romantic yearning and the desire to have the human experience, but the relationship HAPPENS because of MISSION.

Or it simply won’t. So don’t even worry about it. Unless THAT’s where you ARE, it won’t even take place. You’ll be dealing with karmic relationships or soulmates.

Next, we’ll begin exploring different types of twin flame relationships, and how the presence of karma — when directly related to their mission — can impact, influence, and shape the relationship itself. Especially, what that can mean for union.

Stay tuned.

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