The Divine Union Moon is less than a week away!

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On 27 January, the New Moon will join with the asteroids Isis and Osiris, the celestial representations of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, and on this day, they are in union. While I’ve never considered myself a ‘union-sayer’, the last time this became even close, was a decade ago. Even going back 30 years, I could not find it happening anywhere. While I hesitate to say it’s unprecedented, it is, however, extremely rare.

Will it bring you into Union?

Maybe! To launch 2017 under this kind of incredible union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine with the mundane masculine and feminine signals a profound merging of the physical with the astral, the lower density with the higher. New Moon always shows an astrologer new beginnings, so who’s to say this isn’t going to be what you’ve been waiting and working for?

Union can happen in a blink, with divine timing.

Even if you can’t imagine how, I ask that you consider the possibility. Marriages can end, people relocate, and even begin entirely new work in an unfathomably short span of time when the Universe is at the wheel.

As a research astrologer whose work has focussed upon the twin flame community for the past several years, I’m truly blessed with the opportunity to investigate all that this rare and unifying lunation may be promising you.

‘What if you don’t find anything?’

It’s rare that one’s natal chart doesn’t reflect that they’re on the twin flame journey. So I look for the area in which the New Moon is operating, and what it’s activating in the birth chart, especially any significant hits to relevant natal patterns.

‘And if it’s a hit?’

If you feel that union may be close, I urge you to opt for my brand new, extremely limited time offer — the TF Synastry and Composite report — for $222. It’s a deal regularly sold for over $300, but I feel it’s critical I offer the Community this service now, and as affordably as I’m able.

Don’t delay, this powerful New Moon is less than a week away now!

Divine Union Moon + TF Synastry Reports


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