Multidimensional Astrology: tracking soul connexions through lifetimes.

Bold claim, I know.

When I began a twin flame research initiative in the biggest astrology forum on the Internet in 2012, I was disheartened by our unreliable results, despite having a cutting-edge team with decades of experience. I wanted a better solution; something that could cut through to the core of the matter, showing whether a connexion was more karmic or dharmic, and what they were ultimately here to do together, and why.

Knowing that twin flames are predominantly a dharmic relationship, more focussed upon future-oriented endeavours, rather than settling karmic debts, I hoped this could help me answer more clearly whether we were dealing with a soulmate type of connexion or one’s twin flame.

To date, I believe this is the strongest method out there of its kind.

With years of development on top of my decades of experience in the field, I’m confident that this three-system methodology can offer answers where more conventional approaches have either failed, or simply lack the detail you’re looking for.

Consider the Multidimensional Soul Analysis method if you …

+ Only have a birth date, year, and location (no birth time)

+ Are having difficulty finding answers with more conventional astrological methods.

+ Want detailed information regarding how your alternate (‘past’) lifelines are affecting your current lifeline.

+ Are ready to receive thorough, specific information regarding your soul connexion.


Please note, that while I won’t outright confirm nor entirely refute whether a connexion is twin flame — that’s between you, your soul, and higher mind — this will provide a LOT of information that can help you better understand your purpose, and the intention for your being in one another’s lives now — whether it’s in separation, or physical union.

I look forward to being able to offer you the same insight into your connexions as I was able to regarding my own.

Multidimensional Soul Analysis Reports

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