Why did you REALLY meet? What’s ACTUALLY going on here?

Are you someone’s skipped step?

Sometimes, we carry a potent karmic debt which requires us to resolve a certain issue through a particular relationship. These can be with soulmates, twin flames, or any other soul connexion that bears karma.

These are extremely fated, often marked by powerful synchronicity and recognition. We’re immediately drawn to them, and can’t seem to let go until the debt is repaid, the issue resolved, or the lesson learnt.

What’s your skipped step?

The first step towards resolution is identifying the issue. If you’re not yet aware of whether you have a skipped step, possibly several, let me help you get started in this process. The sooner we see what’s going on, the faster I can get you the answers you’re looking for — at the very least, some clear insight.

All I’ll need from you is the birth date, year, time, and location for you, and, if you’re enquiring into a certain relationship or soul connexion, whatever you have of theirs. (Date, year, and location will suffice.)

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