Lunar Eclipse Reports

Did you know that the effects of any given lunar eclipse last for the next 6 MONTHS?

Eclipses are the Universe’s own chronometric system, critical in event timing. You can even set your watch by these things, theoretically-speaking.

Most endings, beginnings, and major crisis points occur during the first week of the lunar eclipse.

In fact, the internal purging, reorientation, and ’emotional checkup’ that occurs during this time is critical to our overall soul’s development, and essential for understanding our awakening journey.

Where is the lunar eclipse occurring for you?

This area of life will come into sharp focus, signalling dramatic change in the next 6 months.

Interested in looking at your partner’s? It’s okay if you don’t have their time of birth; the date, year, and location will suffice.

What’s unique about the Multidimensional Method?

Using this system, I’m able to target outstanding karma, and how the eclipse directly affects your Higher Self. This can help you understand how these energies are operating across time and space. Pretty snazzy.

What’s the Divine Energy report?

At any given moment, we have three energy levels in operation regarding the balance (or imbalance, as the case may be) of masculine and feminine: the mundane, Higher, and Divine. With a Divine Energy report, I give special attention to these points, and what it means for the client for whom I’m reading.


Multidimensional Lunar Eclipse Report

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