Transdimensional Astrology Packages: The Multidimensional Method meets Karmic Astrology

Now that I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of clients in the twin flame community, I’m getting a sense of what’s most needed, desired, and lacking from conventional approaches. Sadly, astrology is expensive; anywhere I’m able to offer services as reasonably as possible without stretching myself too thin, I’m glad to do it.

The Multidimensional Method overcomes where conventional astrology fails to complete the story.

I’m rather proud of that. By innovating a system that involves the karmic past, alternate lives and experiences, the present we observe as our current lifetime, and the Higher Self, and 5D energy, we’re able to see whether a connexion is more karmic or dharmic, and whether we’re here on a lifeline that’s a ‘karmic detour’ or we’re preparing to exit the wheel of reincarnation.

It begins with the 3D physical chart, and looks for links from 4D karmic / alternate lifelines, and to anchoring the Higher Self in the 5D chart.

Those soul connexions which one would call ‘twin flame’ tend to have all three of these domains active with a special emphasis on the 5D or Higher Self chart, with some links to 4D.

Mapping Soul Energies across these charts shows the development from the mundane masculine and feminine into the Divine.

By using specific astrological points that represent the Higher Masculine and Feminine, along with the Divine Masculine and Feminine, I’m able to apply this technique to any chart I’m looking at. Feel free to enquire more about it.

Skipped Steps, an aspect of Evolutionary Astrology, reveal what it is that’s most critical we do.

This may be combined with the soul mission, or it may be a severe karmic debt resulting from energy that was either misused or abused, lessons that are incomplete, and outstanding soul contracts.

Outstanding soul contracts are most easily visible by taking all of the charts into account, including any skipped steps.

We best explore the means of resolving the skipped step by identifying and advising regarding the use of the Resolution Node. When the Resolution Node is the North Node of Destiny, it’s more important that we continue forward with our soul’s mission in order to clear this karma, usually by completing something that was incomplete; finishing unfinished business. When the Resolution Node is the South Node of Karma, it’s mandatory that we experience karmic contracts, often with karmic soulmates and other ‘karmic partner’ connexions for the purpose of clearing the karma, taking new approaches to old problems, and paving the path for a fresh beginning.

Comparative Transdimensional Synastry is now available.

This is an excellent option when there’s a question regarding two (or more) charts. Most often, who would make the most compatible couple, who have a deeper soul history together, who have the most karma to work out.

Birth date, year, and location are enough. Time is always appreciated.

Many don’t have the other’s time of birth, which is another reason why this method is so useful for those lacking certain details. Should you be able to supply the time, I can enrich the report with even greater accuracy and depth. Otherwise, I’m still confident I can answer whatever questions are presented.

This is how the reports work:

Natal is the birth chart. Synastry is two charts together. Composite is the chart of the couple, or how they would operate if they were. The Multidimensional Method uses the three-chart system, incorporating 3D, 4D, and 5D analyses. Reports that are using ‘karmic’ astrological methods will explore the Nodes, determine whether there are any skipped steps, and take a look at the asteroid KARMA. A Skipped Step report will analyse the skipped step(s) in depth. The Soul Energies, as mentioned before, will include the points representative of those energies, evolving from the mundane to the Divine.

Eclipse Reports are either for the year, including all four Solar and Lunar eclipses, or for a 6-month period which targets the nearest Solar and Lunar.

Remember, a Solar eclipse will impact someone for up to a year, while the Lunar tends to operate over the next six months, give or take a week or two on either side. Even if you didn’t order a report before the eclipse, you still can, given how long the eclipse periods are active.

If you’re facing a major change or experiencing upheaval, suspect an eclipse has hit your chart in a BIG way.

If it’s directly karmic, the Multidimensional Method will not only uncover any outstanding contracts but see if there are links to the Higher Self chart.

Is the Multidimensional Method used by other astrologers?

Not at this time. The system is several years’ in the making, following decades of experience. In the future, I may decide to teach any astrologers who are interested in employing it themselves, but for now, it’s cutting-edge.

Any other questions? I’m always happy to answer them.

Transdimensional Astrology Packages

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