‘Is My Astrologer Gouging Me?’ How To Get The Most From Pro-Astrology

Unfortunate truth: astrology is expensive.

Unlike going to your primary care doctor or dentist, you may find us a bit like mechanics. It looks like a whole buncha crazy stuff under the hood, and you’ve got to take us at our word that we know what’s going on, and can fix it. But your car is a necessity, and your chart, well, it seems like a luxury item. Being that I’m a professional astrologer, I’m going to do just that — show you what’s under the hood of this grand cosmic science, and how you can best benefit from working with a pro.

What does an astrologer actually DO?

Typically, an astrologer practises conventional astrology, unless otherwise specified. There are lots of specialities, which include entirely different systems, both of calculation, and interpretation. Generally, your chart will be cast using the geocentric-tropical calculation method, which is the backbone of western astrology. Branching out into eastern, namely, the Vedic school, we have the sidereal calculation method, and, for karmic astrologers looking to explore the soul, a specially derived chart from the placement of the North Node at the Aries Point. That’s called the Draconic chart.

The standard pro-astrologer is equipped to do natal charts, synastry, (comparison of two or more charts), composites, (a third calculated chart that results from combining two — yep, or more — birth charts) and dynamic reports — which we call ‘transits‘ — how the current placement of planets and asteroids are affecting the birth chart. This also includes lunations, like eclipses, and the Lunar Return, which gives ‘the month ahead’. Beyond that, we get into predictive astrology which explores the progression of the birth chart, so that we can see the likelihood of two individuals beginning a relationship, for example, or whether or not you’ll be moving house, changing jobs, getting married, giving birth, or experiencing any other sort of major transition. This is why eclipse reports are so useful; it gives us the major influence over the next 6-months (if Lunar) and the next year (if Solar). We can further see evidence of that through a Lunar Return and a Solar Return — which is cast for one’s birthday, or a day before or after, as it’s when the Sun returns to its degree at their birth. That’s how we can see ‘the year ahead’. Event Charts are a way to get the general influence or astrological environment during its occurrence, and is great for meetings and milestones. Any time you want to know ‘what was happening here?’ casting an event chart is a great way to go.

Why does it cost so much?

In general, you’re not only paying an astrologer for their actual time, but their expertise. A conventional astrologer will usually cost less to work with than one who specialises in a particular branch or method. It’s the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist, or even a hair stylist that’s also a colourist. The devil is often in the details, and the most qualified astrologers are able to draw upon some technique, methodology, or knowledge bank in order to answer the questions they’ve confirmed they’re able to.

How long does it take?

That also ranges, depending upon the astrologer’s current load, their average turnaround time, and the complexity of the chart or purchased report. The more involved the questions, and complicated a chart, synastry, or even event, the more actual time is required to be spent on a client’s order, which slows down overall progress, and can be costly to the astrologer.

… On average?

A rule of thumb followed by most pro-astrologers is the equivalent of $150 per hour, with most charts being calculated, read, with reports delivered, in about 2-3. It’s a gamble when pricing a flat rate by chart, but, if the astrologer has already figured out how long a certain report takes, and is confident that their rate is good for both them and their client, it’s a great, easy pricing option. Some charts can prove extremely difficult, and the astrologer may underestimate the amount of time needed. When that cuts into the time dedicated to acquiring new clients, it’s easy to fall behind — on everything.

But don’t you offer special natal charts for around $100 to $200?

I do. I’ve got a Multidimensional Natal, which uses my unique method, priced at $111, and the Transdimensional Natal, which incorporates the Multidimensional Method into conventional karmic astrology, using specific techniques to detect karma and understand soul mission, for $160. They typically clock in at right around 2.5 hours, depending upon the level of complexity I mentioned earlier.

But, if doing the $111, it’s only $55 an hour, isn’t it?

You always hope it’s going to be a simple chart. Truth be told, when you’re dealing with certain things, like the twin flame connexion, skipped steps, deep karma, soul missions, and other really complicated things, it’s never going to actually be easy.

Why don’t you just charge more?

Because, following the rule of thumb, I’d have to charge $400 for a natal chart. I don’t even charge that much for my synastry, typically. People get sticker shock from seeing prices like that, even if I know I’m working below my rate, may fall behind, and get caught in a slump.

How often do you fall into a slump?

It depends. I’m in one now. When you charge standard rates without running discounts, and the economy is down, it’s always freelancers which are hit the hardest, regardless of industry. If you end up with a crop of really complicated charts, and you miss your opportunity to advertise, you can slide into the red, really, really easily.

How can an astrologer remain affordable but profitable?

It’s not easy. You’ve got to first have a love for it, and a desire to be professional second. Short cuts that don’t break the bank or eat up your time are best for both the astrologer and their client. If you can offer quickies, for example, that are half your usual rate, and target one specific area that’s trending, it keeps you in business and gives your clientele what they’re looking for.

What’s an example?

I offer a Soul Mission report which I think gets lost in the shuffle. It’s only $33, and so long as I don’t try and reinvent the wheel on it, it’s extremely affordable, and can offer a lot of quick insight.

What’s the Soul Mission Report for $33?

I call it a ‘Rahu Pattern’ report, because it’s looking at the North Node, which, in Vedic astrology, is called Rahu. Since the North Node deals with Destiny, and where we look for the soul’s mission first, it’s usually the initial step when answering that question.

Can’t someone look up stuff about their North Node online?

Totally! And I recommend they do so. The benefit of a specific report which isn’t computer-generated, is that it uses my Multidimensional Method, meaning no other astrologer is doing this. Just me.

What is the Multidimensional Method?

In broad strokes, it’s a unique system that assigns temporal relationship to each of the major chart calculation methods — geocentric-tropical, sidereal, and Draconic. In short, I’ve found how each of these represents one aspect of the soul’s overall journey — the physical realm, or 3D, the karmic influences, or alternate lifelines — ‘past lives’, or 4D, and finally, the Higher Self, or 5D. What makes the Soul Mission report unique is that it takes all of that into account, rather than just ‘reading the North Node’.

Are there other charts that are under $150?

Absolutely. I still offer the Multidimensional Natal for $111, which is a great place to start.

For $77, I offer the Skipped Steps Investigation as an add-on to existing clients, otherwise it’s $160 altogether.

There’s the Composite for $88 — in case the question is along the lines of ‘how would my partner / twin flame and I work together as a couple?‘ since it’s the chart of the relationship.

The Mythical Lovers Natal is also $77, which examines what particular archetypes from mythology may be operating in the chart. That can be really helpful if, for example, you’ve got a guy who came on strong and then bolted, but is working with you in the background to see that you achieve whatever you’re after, (see: Eros and Psyche) or maybe someone came into your life and turned it upside down, dragging you into the Underworld, kicking and screaming, until you learnt to be its Queen — as in the case of Hades and Persephone. There are many examples. It’s a fun chart.

I do the Mythical Lovers Synastry for $111, too, which allows me to see the patterns BETWEEN the charts. Say, if she has her PSYCHE on his EROS, or they’ve got HADES opposite PERSEPHONE. That kinda thing. Oh, and no birth time is necessary for that — which helps.

ALL of my Lunar Eclipse reports are under $150. The basic report is for $65, with a partner, $100, and including the Soul Energies, it’s $120.

Soul Energies?

That’s my working title for inclusion of the astrological points that represent the range of the mundane masculine and feminine ego, to the Higher Feminine and Masculine, and finally, Divine Masculine and Feminine, respectively. It allows me to get a greater sense of what’s going on regarding the development of these energies.

What type of reports do you offer there?

I do a Transdimensional Soul Natal for $130. With my Multidimensional Method and the Soul Energies, it’s … kind of a steal.

What does the Transdimensional Soul Natal include?

ALL three levels of charts, and any hits, between the basic chart points, (SUN through CHIRON), and all four asteroids which represent the progression of the masculine and feminine from the mundane to the Divine. Meaning, any hits from the 3D PSYCHE to, say, 5D OSIRIS, and whatever karma might be lurking, say, from 4D EROS.

And, for kicks, the above would specifically translate into ‘wounds that are impeding the current development of your Higher Feminine stemming from residual karma involving the Higher Masculine, which, when healed, will directly anchor the Divine Masculine into the current life.

See? It’s neat stuff.

Can you look at the specific karma?

Ohhhhhhh, yes. In fact, that’s my favourite part.

How do packages work, and why do you offer them if they’re so expensive?

Packages, for example, allow me to get more done in a single report by putting together things I’ve noticed will often be bought together, and later need to be added on — but not always. So, it’s there for convenience. Taking the example from above, let’s say that PERSEPHONE is aspecting EROS in the 4D chart; I’d know then that the karma which resulted from the Higher Masculine had to do with feeling thrown into unfamiliar circumstances and having to fend for yourself, often far from home. It could’ve involved abandonment, or the loss of significant relationships to caregivers. If PLUTO was there instead, it would be power plays, and a battle for control.

In a man’s chart, it denotes that his Higher Masculine is wrapped up in ego games from other lives, but also shows a tremendous potential for transformation, regeneration, and rebirth — because, PLUTO. In a woman’s chart, it’d show how her own Higher Masculine is having difficulties here. Both charts would need a strong 3D anchor to show how it’s operating in the present.

But don’t try to understand that. Really. It’s our equivalent of the mechanic’s, ”well, it’s this part over here that’s making the noise, and it’s gonna have to be replaced.’

At some point, you’ve just got to trust your astrologer.

If someone wants to know if a certain someone is their twin flame, what’s the best way to approach that?

Multidimensional Synastry. I know it’s expensive at $222, but it’s worth it. No other method is going to look at 3D, 4D, and 5D.

How can you tell if two people are twin flames?

I never, ever, ever confirm or deny that two people are twin flames. That’s beyond the scope. However, I’ve noticed a definite pattern has emerged which involves lots of activity across all three charts. In short, there’s a lot happening in 5D, which is further expressed in 4D, but anchored in 3D. And, in my experience, we tend to get pretty much exactly what we see when that happens: strong 5D relationship, definite karmic history, and solid physical relationship. This is still in its infancy when applied to confirmed twin flames in Union, but it’s really exciting research of which I hope to do more.

Are you offering any discounts?


I’ll take 25% off any report that’s priced above $200 — if you ask me about it. Just be sure to allow 72 hours turnaround time.

I’m also about to unveil a whole new report. Details on that to follow, as I’m still working out the kinks. (That’s a hint, for the naughty folks.)

What if I really need a comparative synastry?

The reason that comparative synastry is so expensive is that it takes an hour to really read a natal, so if you multiply that by the number of charts read, you’ve not even included the synastry reading. That’s another hour, which is, again, going to be multiplied. All in all, it’s a 5-hour commitment, which is why most astrologers won’t dare do it for under $750.

Don’t you have a Comparative Synastry Report for $230?

Yep! But, I have a secret method which cuts down on the time-consumption. I’m also completely insane. 😉

Any advice for someone looking to hire an astrologer?

Tell us what you want. Be SPECIFIC with your questions. Don’t ever settle for computer-generated print-outs. There are some astrologers that will charge a small fee in conjunction with a major order, ($300+) which is typically to prioritise their correspondence and communication with you, as they expect you’ll have questions. If it’s offered, do it. You really will be glad you did.

Don’t freak out at posted rates. Lots of astrologers expect it for their more expensive packages, and will often cut the rate, or offer special discounts if requested. We’d rather have work than NOT have work.

What’s the best way to reach you?

Commenting directly on a post I’ve made when I post to Facebook is excellent. Contacting me via Messenger can work, if I’m not swamped. If we’re already friends, I’ll see it much faster. Also, feel free to become friends if you’d like to hire me. It makes it much easier, and, hey, I like friends.

And remember, folks:


I always hope to make it worth your while, and provide you what you need. Just ask me. We’ll figure it out.

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