Solar Eclipse Report: Beware The Shadow Self …

Brace yourselves. The 2017 Ring of Fire Eclipse is TOMORROW.

The impact of a solar eclipse endures over the course of the next 12 months, making this particular eclipse stretch across most of 2017 into early 2018. Even if a solar eclipse doesn’t hit your chart directly, the house in which it falls will denote the area where we’ll expect to see the most change.

Eclipses are sudden, disruptive, and transformative.

In the case of a solar eclipse, it’s the shadow self which is being illuminated, causing many internal motivations to project themselves externally, often causing tumult and wreaking havoc.

Where is the Solar Eclipse falling in your chart?

Where is your shadow acting out and seeking to be known? In what areas are your disowned aspects of self demanding to be incorporated and integrated?

Remember, these influences will be continuing for the next 12 MONTHS.

Learn how to make peace with your shadow before it starts bringing chaos to your life and loved ones. Eclipse periods don’t have to be times when the world flips upside down — and they won’t be with sufficient awareness.

Solar Eclipse Reports are only $33.

Time of birth is needed for this, given the area of influence is determined by where the eclipse falls.

If you don’t have a birth-time, the Multidimensional Method version of the Solar Eclipse Report is also available for $42.

You can order one type for yourself, the other for your partner, or both of the same. I offer a discount if buying both at once.

Solar Eclipse Reports

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