Multidimensional Method Soul Mission Reports

This is your Soul Captain speaking. Everything okay back there?

So, I’ve received word from base that a number of the agents of light are a little lost right now. That’s not good. It’s a very critical time. Whether you’re stuck on a karmic partner, exhausting a dead-end, or just looking for the right nudge to get back on proper track, there’s nothing like chasing the Dragon to get you there.

Err, no — not that dragon. Rahu. The Dragon’s Head.

Meet Rahu, the Dragon’s Head, Dispatcher of Destiny.

Known as the North Node of the Moon in western astrology, or just ‘North Node’, it’s the first place to check when we come up empty, and find ourselves stranded along our soul’s journey. If Ketu, the Dragon’s Tail, or South Node of Karma is our last known location, Rahu is our destination.

As an astrologer, I love checking up on Rahu, by sign, house, and aspects, to see what clues it yields me regarding what abilities and traits someone needs to have in order to fulfill their soul mission.

Using the Multidimensional Method, I go way deeper than most astrologers.

That sounded really dirty, didn’t it? Well, we’re gonna go with it.

By looking for links between the 3D, 4D, and 5D charts, I’m able to see what’s up with not only your North Node here, but how Rahu is operating in alternate lifelines, or ‘past lives’, and what karma it’s incurred. And, sometimes, there’s even a clear line to the 5D chart, showing what aspects of your Higher Self are directly linked to your soul mission. Nifty, yeah?

So, if you’ve been on the fence regarding whether or not to get some guidance, this is a great place to start.

The Multidimensional Soul Mission Report is only $44.44.


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