The Shadow Knows … Reflect upon your Mirror Degrees.

I’m fascinated by soul connexions of all kinds. As I was trained as a criminal profiler, it’s no surprise I’ve seen my share of the dark side of life, the proverbial evil that men do. Fortunately, when it comes to matters of the heart, things never get that far. Of course, some wounds are never as deep as when they’re made by someone we love.

As an astrologer, I’m always looking for what can best explain my own experiences, and those of my clients. But as a therapist, I’m able to fall back on the same Jungian archetypes that have held my attention since my schooldays. One in particular —

The Shadow.

(I’m also a Plutonian with a metric efftonne of Scorpio. So, there’s that.)

One of my friends and astrological mentors derived the concept of the Mirror Degrees from the Solstice axis, specifically, the Antiscia / Contra-antiscia. All you need to know about that, however, is that my research has shown these points to be significant clues when understanding a soul connexion. Especially one that has twin-aspect relationship, as it often requires us to clean out our soul closet, so to speak.

I think it’s time we all did that.

So, I’m offering the basic Mirror Degrees Report for $22, which covers the MD of all major natal points, excluding the asteroids (though, I may offer an advanced report in the future, if this proves helpful).

The Shadow Report is its ‘dark’ companion, as we look at the opposite side of the Mirror Degree coin. While it directly identifies the areas in which you’re likely to meet your Shadow, it also includes a review of the natal for any points in shadow, as their natural energies tend to be frustrated, requiring greater understanding for proper expression. That’s available for $33.

The Mirror Degree Synastry is as it sounds; I run each natal’s MD and compare through synastry. For example, if A’s Venus is on the MD of B’s Mars, this can feel like a balance of masculine and feminine energies, denoting a powerful compatibility, especially if it’s a feminine Venus to a masculine Mars (regardless of gender). That’s $44.

The Shadow Synastry examines these points in synastry, as well as any points which may be affected by those in shadow in either natal. Taking the above example, if A’s Venus is on the shadow degree of B’s Mars, the Venus will surface all of the aspects of Mars that it hides, both from himself and others. If handled with care, compassion, and — of course — that good ol’ unconditional love — it can be a deeply transformative relationship, yielding a powerful, healing bond, once the purging is through. It’s available for $77, considering the work done regarding the shadow points.

As always, if you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers for you.

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