Why Did You Meet? Astrological Services For The Deepest Soul Connexions

You met for a reason. But do you know what it is?

With an unprecedented number of souls awakening on the planet, many are having exceptional experiences that send them in search of answers. Whether they’ve legitimately united with their twin flame, had a type of soulmate encounter, or are enduring a volatile karmic relationship, each shares this commonality:

It’s a soul contract.

The soul’s plan includes significant partnerships and experiences — contracts with other souls, for a variety of purposes. These range from our blood relatives to legal unions and destined encounters which change our lives forever. They can run the spectrum of emotion; some specifically teach us about love, self-worth, healing deep wounds, others help us get to a point we’re trying to achieve, as in the case of work, career, or uncovering our life purpose.

Most don’t meet to forge lifetime relationships.

The assumption that the one who’s suddenly changed our lives, or us, just by meeting, is the one with whom we’re to spend the rest of our lives can be dangerous in terms of understanding the truth of the encounter. This can become a distraction, obscuring the real purpose of the soul contract between them.

How do you know you’ve got a soul contract?

While everyone is a unique individual with an array of experiences, many report similar things: an inexplicable feeling of familiarity and overwhelming sexual attraction upon meeting; a sense that they know this stranger despite having no such knowledge or experience; an equally irrational feeling that they’re in your life for a reason, and something big is coming that’s likely to change both of your lives forever. Everything from telepathy, powerful dreams, and a sense that the Universe is communicating with you to ensure that you pay attention to this meeting tend to play a role.

If this is the first experience one’s had of its kind, it also tends to lead to the discovery of the twin flame phenomenon.

In some cases, there’s an instantaneous bond formed; the friendship will be fast, a romance may blossom in a whirlwind fashion following the meeting; there may be a shared sense of destiny, and an understanding that each has found ‘the one’.

Trouble is, ‘the one’ tends to denote a lifetime relationship. In the case of soul contracts, this is unlikely to be true.

It’s only when each have independent soul missions that indicate such a lifetime soul-based relationship are we able to consider this this incredible experience may indeed lead to what each is hoping for — the elevated ‘twin flame union’.
In the majority of cases, however, once the soul contract is fulfilled, the relationship ends. At least, it changes nature. It all depends upon the nature of the contract and its purpose.How can I know the purpose of the soul contract?

I use astrology as my front-line attack, so to speak. As a professional astrologer with 25+ years experience and my unique Multidimensional Method, I start there, along with techniques from evolutionary and karmic astrology that I find particularly useful. This, combined with knowledge gleaned from other intuitive sources — dreams, psychic visions, ‘synchronicities’, regressions — whether guided or spontaneous, of ‘past life’ or alternate / parallel lifelines — is not only an incredible approach, but the most reliable I’ve found. I’m legitimate proof of this, along with my partner.

What happens once we know its purpose?

I believe it’s not complete without a solid action plan. We’ve got to put the knowledge we’ve uncovered into practise, no matter the nature of the relationship. Many contracts involve marriage and children. Others are for the purpose of bringing something new into the world in the intellectual sphere — an incredible discovery or phenomenal art. Contracts between more advanced souls tend to involve collective work engaged in for the benefit of greater humanity.

Marriage tends to be the assumed purpose of many soul contracts, and this isn’t necessarily incorrect.

Marriage is one of the strongest contracts, and specifically of a karmic nature. However, it does depend upon whether the karma is one of reward, or debt. The commitment a marriage engenders gives both souls a greater likelihood of sticking together in order to ensure the contract is fulfilled — whether that’s to readily accomplish their shared mission, as in the case of a karmic reward marriage, or, to fight through all that’s necessary to resolve the issues or learn lessons presented, as in the case of a karmic debt marriage.

A karmic reward marriage is one in which the couple is likely to enjoy a lifelong companionship, warmly celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, with one leaving the physical plane soon after the other. They’re frequently entered into with companion souls — soul-family members, or souls who have shared a variety of experiences together across time and space. They tend to produce children who are of a higher evolution than, or the same as the parents.

A karmic debt marriage tends to be with a partner with whom we’ve contracted to learn specific lessons in order to grow in certain ways and achieve particular goals. While always mutually rewarding at the soul-level, they are unbalanced on the physical plane, in terms of material and emotional power. Any children produced will be directly tied to parental karma; souls who have contracted to learn these same lessons, regardless of whether they’ve encountered the parent souls before. Most predominantly, issues of power, control, and equality are the battleground upon which the spouses grow, evolve, and, yes, also suffer. Unresolved issues from childhood are played out in the psychodramas within the marriage itself until they become satisfactorily resolved, or these ‘differences’ are, indeed, ‘irreconcilable’.

The stigma of divorce in our society stems largely from religious institutions, rather than being truly warranted. There is no shame in either spouse determining the ‘contract has been fulfilled’.

There is, however, danger of acquiring new debt by engaging in bitter divorce proceedings, so that power games come back to the forefront, and one is forced into the role of combatant, and the other, defender. Though one will invariably win their day in court, at the soul-level, there can be no victor here. Success is only attained through mutual respect and the willingness to engage in loving compromise, with positive regard to the other — not in psychological warfare.

In some cases, a contract will be a combination of rewards and debts. Unless there is reason for the commitment, a marriage may not result, especially if matters are better resolved in circumstances more conducive to bringing on the correct environment for them. For example:

One that’s seeking to learn empathy, self-sacrifice, and to have respect for the rights and values of others might contract with a soul who is married upon meeting, to whom they have an insatiable attraction. It’s through the temptation, either of one or both, to engage in an extramarital affair that these issues are tackled, and lessons potentially learnt. Souls with such a contract aren’t likely to be sharing a reward karma together, but a debt karma. As such, it’s no surprise that it’s far more rare that the spouse leaves the marriage for the lover. That simply wasn’t the purpose of the contract.

What about the cases in which a preexisting marriage is not interrupted, but respected by the potentially intervening soul?

If occurring in the presence of a sexual attraction, as in the previous example, all individuals must be considered, and in respect to their own karma, and that which is shared among the group. There are likely to be specific, and even complex lessons, which are present for the growth and evolution of all. Unless the marriage is a karmic reward, there is some possibility that it was designated to resolve a simple contract, but with many variables. Should the debts be reconciled between the spouses, the marriage is likely to end, perhaps even suddenly, as a result of the contract being fulfilled.

Often, it’s assumed that the would-be lover and divorcee will begin a relationship, once the ‘path is open’. This also isn’t always the case, as it depends entirely upon whether they have contracts beyond the resolution of the group karma, and fulfillment of the shared contracts.

In the event their relationship contains many of the same issues and areas of conflict that the marriage dealt with, they’re likely to have an outstanding karmic debt contract between them, unable to be fulfilled previously, as the correct environment in which they could present was unavailable. This relationship is likely to endure insofar as the mutual lessons are learnt, ending upon fulfillment of the contract. As in the case of the marriage, potentially as suddenly.

Should the hypothetical resulting relationship involve an entirely new set of circumstances, providing they do not focus upon balance of power or a battle for control in which one is seeking possession of, and dominance over the other, there is potential it’s a relationship of karmic reward. Its circumstances, duration, and purpose will ultimately align with the individual soul missions of each, alongside their shared goals. If there are further outstanding contracts, they are most likely to be dedicated to the aforementioned missions and shared objectives.

Soul contracts are easily identified through astrology.

A discerning astrologer can spot a karmic debt from a karmic reward, problem areas in which the soul is taking a detour, and how contracts with others are complicating, and even preventing them, from fulfilling their soul mission.

I offer the Soul Contract Action Plan as a means to get started.

The initial consultation checks for major detours and debts (skipped steps) and outlines the basic soul mission. It’s $33.

Should the mission, plus any contracts, be overall simple and straightforward, you need nothing more than to purchase the report for $77.

Should it be the case that there’s a lot going on — major debts, and potentially rewards just as big upon resolution — we’re going to begin an investigation that will take us into many fascinating directions. These are purchased in hour-long blocks of $99, which the first being a break down of karma, and ‘where you’ve been’ as well as what’s indicated as fated, and ‘where you’re going’. The focus will be what’s caused you to become stuck, and how best to get you back on track.

This may require a few sessions, depending upon the complexity.

Should the above complex case involve indications specific to the twin flame journey, I’ll be using a different set of values and certain points I find most illuminating here. That’s $111, instead of the standard $99. As mentioned in the above, multiple sessions may be required.

Anything not covered in the above is $22 — quick readings, answering specific questions that follow the initial work, not to exceed 15 minutes. Any additional work, including reports, is $44, not to exceed one half-hour.

The Plan allows you to spend as much as you choose to work together as deeply as you desire.

These things aren’t resolved overnight. Like the journey to awakening, or the resolution of any soul contract, it’s rarely straightforward, often time-consuming, and a process. Rather than offer reports at the market rate of $350+ which may involve lots of twists, turns, and waiting, I’ve decided these more manageable, dedicated, completely customised reports and readings will better serve you, and allow me to make our work together more productive, illuminating, and effective.

Just select the services which apply to your needs in the drop-down menu by clicking the field above the button.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, and I look forward to working with you soon.

Please select the associated service desired. Thanks!

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