Skipped Step Recovery Programme launched! Soul Missionaries coming soon.

Based on the results of your complimentary consult, please find your received recommendation below.

If you have yet to receive a complimentary consult and wish to do so, message me with your birth information (date, time, and location). I will respond within 24-48 hours, depending upon present workload.

1. I have a single skipped step, uncomplicated pattern.

We’ll enroll you in the Skipped Step Recovery programme where you’ll receive exclusive access to cutting-edge material with other members of your group, also enrolled in the programme. Depending upon specifically offered discounts, or whether we’ve worked together before, the rate will range from $77 to $111. (You’ll know for which you qualify as part of the complimentary consult.)

You’ll retain full access to the exclusive material in the SSR, no matter how much we work together individually at my hourly rate, which is always an option available to you.

2. I have multiple skipped steps, or one that’s part of a complicated pattern.

We’ll be enrolling you in the SSR programme for sure, but it’s also going to be essential that we begin work on a one-on-one Skipped Step Investigation Package. Depending upon your specific needs, you’ll either be receiving the hourly rate of $99 or $133, which will include readings, access to applicable material, and reports derived only from your natal, and potentially synastry, if requested.

Unlike buying individual reports, or only receiving material from the SSR group, we move at your desired pace, delving when it’s most needed, when you can best afford it, or find it beneficial.

In downtimes, where you can’t work together as closely, you’ll still have full access to all exclusive material in the SSR group, and whatever directly applies to you. In times when you need to explore an aspect of your chart, mission, or present circumstances more deeply, you’ll work with me per my hourly rate, where I’ll be fully dedicated to its intensive study.

It’s a custom plan best designed to serve you and the needs of your unfolding mission as they’re presented.

Through our work together, a lot is going to be discovered, uncovered, and will manifest. These will be wounds, gifts, debts, and all features and elements of your mission, purpose, and soul’s history. It’s a work in progress, just as we are.

3. I have no skipped steps.

Man, lucky you, huh? Nah, in all honesty, it just makes your journey a bit more easily to complete in certain areas, providing you place your focus where it’s of most benefit to you. I’ll be suggesting we enroll you in the upcoming Soul Missionaries group, where you’ll receive full access to the exclusive material offered for all members, regardless of their Rahu sign, or mission aspects. Like the Skipped Step Recovery group, you’ll be enrolled with other members of your Rahu sign. We all have a lot to learn from each other in this regard. I’ve made tremendous strides in my own soul evolution by working with not only my ‘Rahu siblings’ but those with similar dharmic patterning, too. All of that will be explored in the Soul Missionaries.

How does the hourly 1-on-1 rate for the Multidimensional Method work?

I’ve got two standard options that I’ve found work best: if it’s just you, it’s $99. If it’s you and someone else (be it TF, SM, KP — whatever’s currently impeding, impacting, or just generally dominating your mission or an aspect of it) it’s the $133 rate. This means all synastry and composite work, or any transits, eclipses, or return charts that are more than just you. Pretty simple.

NOTE: If you’ve made a purchase within the last 60 days and it was insufficient to cover the work needed, you’ll be enrolled in the appropriate group, depending upon the payment already received.

I’ll begin working with you 1-on-1, on top of the group enrolment, at your convenience.

How important is it that skipped steps are recovered?

Of monumental importance. If you’ve got a skipped step, your Rahu — which represents the direction in which your soul is heading — is being held back, almost as if it’s disallowed to graduate until it completes remedial classes. Get it now? The energy is there, ready to rock, but NOT until the skipped step(s) holding it back are recovered.

What can I expect once I’ve recovered my skipped step(s)?

While they undeniably call it a journey for a reason, I’m in a soul union with my partner, who’s critical to the achievement of one of my biggest skipped steps, and vice versa. I’m currently taking an intense soul journey with three other individuals, at varying levels of unity, harmony, and resonance.

If I didn’t know what I was looking for, and how to FINALLY get started, I really can’t say I’d be here today, doing this now.

In short, it’s not easy. It’s worth it.

So, now what?

Now we get you started!

Just select the appropriate group enrolment and package from the list below.

Please select the desired report or package below. Thanks!

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