Dedicated Twin Flame Astrology with a Unique Methodology

I’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years. Hard to believe.

I was a natural choice when the first formal twin flame astrology study was run from 2013-2015, having been mentored by the top astrologer in the field, on top of my own accolades as a karmic astrologer. There are reasons why it failed. (Oh, yes. It failed.) The majority of astrology is ‘cookbook’ — instant gratification, seeking easy answers.

It’s also mostly wrong.

Astrology is synthesis; it requires clear understanding, dedication, and direction.

It takes a true astrologer.

Since 2016, I’ve devised a completely unique method which gets right to the source of the issue.

However, it is complicated.

That’s why I have to charge hourly for my services, following the initial free 5-minute consultation; that’s how I make my recommendation, after all.

Some situations will be rather straightforward — I’ll find immediate answers with markers that are clearly present. At other times, I have to do a bit of digging. There are reasons for that, too.

But ultimately, you’re here for a reason.

This happened for a purpose.

The key is to understanding that purpose — and its reasons.

That’s what I do.

So. Let’s get started.

Please select the right hourly rate for your needs. Thanks!

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