Lenormand and Kipper are now a go!

Kip and Lennie. They kinda sound like the bestest buds ever, don’t they? Well, here’s hoping they can answer all of your most burning questions. I believe in them! 😉 Please select which type of reading below. Thank you! Lenormand 3-Card Reading $22.22 USDLenormand 5-Card Reading $33.33 USDLenormand 5-Card + Fate Cards $55.55 USDLenormand 7-Card…read more

Auby (now) Writes Good. Soon, you can, too.

You may have heard the rumours that I’m a writer-type who makes clackity-clack noises. It’s all true. To prove it, I’ve launched Auby Writes Good, which, if successful, will be the first MLM-inspired educational vehicle for wordsmiths. Let’s try that again …  Good Writers of which Auby Writes Good is designed to serve the apprentice writer (because every…read more

New Year, New Rates

  Please select your chosen report below Synastry $144.44 USDComposite $111.11 USDMultidimensional Method Synastry $188.88 USD

2018 Discounts and Reading Pricing — Hourly and Membership

If you haven’t joined my group on Facebook, Twin Flame Astrology and Multidimensional Synastry, please do that for updates and frequent discussion. Those who’ve been invited to join the Shadowboxers Skipped Step group may make their payment here. My current hourly rate is $111, and $144 for TF.   Please select the option which best…read more

Recover your steps. Get your life back.

Please ask any additional questions. Otherwise, just purchase your desired selection below. Thanks! Rates and Enrolment Skipped Step Recovery Enrolment $111.11 USDAdditional Hour $99.99 USDMini Reading $44.44 USD

Dedicated Twin Flame Astrology with a Unique Methodology

I’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years. Hard to believe. I was a natural choice when the first formal twin flame astrology study was run from 2013-2015, having been mentored by the top astrologer in the field, on top of my own accolades as a karmic astrologer. There are reasons why it failed. (Oh,…read more

Skipped Step Recovery Programme launched! Soul Missionaries coming soon.

Based on the results of your complimentary consult, please find your received recommendation below. If you have yet to receive a complimentary consult and wish to do so, message me with your birth information (date, time, and location). I will respond within 24-48 hours, depending upon present workload. 1. I have a single skipped step, uncomplicated pattern….read more

Soul Contracts Action Plan: Clear karmic debts and get going on your soul mission NOW.

Whether you need to begin a skipped step investigation to sort your soul’s history and ultimate purpose, or you’re after the keys to get into a twin flame union or true love relationship with a high level soulmate, this is how to begin. The first 22 clients will receive an introductory 25% discount. I’m so…read more

Why Did You Meet? Astrological Services For The Deepest Soul Connexions

You met for a reason. But do you know what it is? With an unprecedented number of souls awakening on the planet, many are having exceptional experiences that send them in search of answers. Whether they’ve legitimately united with their twin flame, had a type of soulmate encounter, or are enduring a volatile karmic relationship,…read more

Your skipped step is key to uncovering your soul mission. Are you ready?

Do you have a skipped step? In order to properly understand your soul mission and achieve it, resolving the skipped step is critical. Each of my Soul Mission reports evaluates the natal chart for any skipped step patterns, whether at the $22, $33, or $44 level, which offer slightly different features. The Skipped Step Investigation…read more

The Shadow Knows … Reflect upon your Mirror Degrees.

I’m fascinated by soul connexions of all kinds. As I was trained as a criminal profiler, it’s no surprise I’ve seen my share of the dark side of life, the proverbial evil that men do. Fortunately, when it comes to matters of the heart, things never get that far. Of course, some wounds are never…read more

Multidimensional Method Soul Mission Reports

This is your Soul Captain speaking. Everything okay back there? So, I’ve received word from base that a number of the agents of light are a little lost right now. That’s not good. It’s a very critical time. Whether you’re stuck on a karmic partner, exhausting a dead-end, or just looking for the right nudge…read more

Solar Eclipse Report: Beware The Shadow Self …

Brace yourselves. The 2017 Ring of Fire Eclipse is TOMORROW. The impact of a solar eclipse endures over the course of the next 12 months, making this particular eclipse stretch across most of 2017 into early 2018. Even if a solar eclipse doesn’t hit your chart directly, the house in which it falls will denote…read more

Lunar Eclipse Reports

Did you know that the effects of any given lunar eclipse last for the next 6 MONTHS? Eclipses are the Universe’s own chronometric system, critical in event timing. You can even set your watch by these things, theoretically-speaking. Most endings, beginnings, and major crisis points occur during the first week of the lunar eclipse. In…read more

Star-Crossed or Eternal Love? What’s Your Mythic Archetype?

Romeo and Juliet or Eros and Psyche? Lancelot and Guinevere or Isis and Osiris? Tristan and Isolde? Most of us resonate to something, often a modern archetype of a classic myth. Thanks to the practise of identifying soul pairings, astrology can help shed some light whether you’re a Psyche seeking divine union with her Eros,…read more

Why did you REALLY meet? What’s ACTUALLY going on here?

Are you someone’s skipped step? Sometimes, we carry a potent karmic debt which requires us to resolve a certain issue through a particular relationship. These can be with soulmates, twin flames, or any other soul connexion that bears karma. These are extremely fated, often marked by powerful synchronicity and recognition. We’re immediately drawn to them,…read more

Multidimensional Astrology: tracking soul connexions through lifetimes.

Bold claim, I know. When I began a twin flame research initiative in the biggest astrology forum on the Internet in 2012, I was disheartened by our unreliable results, despite having a cutting-edge team with decades of experience. I wanted a better solution; something that could cut through to the core of the matter, showing…read more

The Divine Union Moon is less than a week away!

Have you ordered your special Divine Union Moon TF Synastry Report yet? On 27 January, the New Moon will join with the asteroids Isis and Osiris, the celestial representations of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, and on this day, they are in union. While I’ve never considered myself a ‘union-sayer’, the last time this became…read more